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 The Gong Practitioner 

Gong Sound Meditation

We provide sound healing therapy every second Saturday of the month  at Heene Community Centre in Worthing 


 Who is the Gong Practitioner at Gongs@kundalinirealm? 

Sat nam, I am Dylan, the gong practitioner at I studied and trained with the College of Sound Healing in the UK. 


I work with the energies of a range of powerful gongs including the cheeky and cleansing Pluto gong and its deeply transformational  cosmic neighbour the Nibiru gong. I love to let you connect with the magical water gong that helps us work with our ancestral past. I  also play the symphonic Wu Xing gong that stimulates our connections to the elements of life: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In Chinese philosophy these are the five aspects of Qi, or life energy. The stunning Sun gong completes the set with its energizing vibrations that fill the void with warmth.


I incorporate many other spiritual instruments such as wind chimes, ocarinas, rain sticks and rattles to our sessions. In 2023, the family of healing instruments has been extended to include the modern technology of laser and timber harps, a perfect way to blend the future with the past. We are but an expression of both, experiencing in the now.


I very much look forward to welcoming you to our monthly sessions and hearing about your own journeys into the gong space with us.



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